Tea Menu

We have a good choice of sandwiches and light teas to choose from,  which are delivered with your hot meal at lunch time. 

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Choose from the Menus below. Why not choose a sandwhich and or a piece of cake to enjoy at tea time.

Sandwhiches are served with a side salad. £4.50


  • Ham
  •  Cheese
  •  Chicken
  • Beef
  • Tuna (£4.90)
  • Prawn (£4.90)
  • Crab (£5.00)


Try our delicious tea time Light Bites served with a salad £4.50


  • Pork Pie
  • Gala Pie
  • Piece of Quiche
  • Cheese Scone                 


A slice of Cake or Scone £3.90



  • Victoria Sponge                                       
  • Fruit  Cake       
  • Scone with Jam
  • Chocolate cake